Verband österreichischer Kunsthistorikerinnen und Kunsthistoriker


Titulaires / Titulars

Nom/Name: Sebastian SCHÜTZE

Poste/Position: Professor, art history

Institution: Universität Wien

Adresse postale/Postal Address: Garnisongasse 13, Universitätscampus Hof 9, 1090 Wien.

Téléphone/Phone number: +43 1 4277 41410

E-mail address: sebastian.schuetze@univie.ac.at

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: Italian art in the early modern and its impact in Europe, Art and patronage in papal Rome, Spanish art of the Siglo d’Oro, Social history of the artist, Word and image : iconotexts, literary academies and fine arts, interrelations between art and literature around 1900


Suppléants / Supplementaries

Nom/Name: Renate PROCHNO

Poste/Position: Director of the Department of Art History, Musicology and Dance Studies

Institution: Paris Lodron-Universität Salzburg

Adresse postale/Postal Address: Unipark Nonntal, Erzabt Klotz-Str. 1

Téléphone/Phone number: 0043-66280444602

E-mail address: renate.prochno@sbg.ac.at

Spécialité scientifique/Field of research: European painting of the 17th and 18th century; Art Theory (15th-18th c.); Painting and sculpture in Burgundy, France and Netherlands (14th and 15th c.); Precious stones and their iconography in Carolingian Art; Competition and rivalries in art from (15th-19th c.)


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